Podcast 137: Let’s Detour From My Love Eggs

Welcome to our new series! Halina and Kevin bring you another episode with some epic tunes. We continue to apologise to professional podcasters. We welcome special guests Detour Scotland (Ally McCrae, David Weaver and Euan Robertson) to talk about their next ‘wee jaunt’ and their various thoughts on music.

Our tracklisting this week is:

1. Marie Collins – ‘DADGAD’
2. Book Group – ‘Victory Lap (Jonnie Common Remix)
3. Sidney Charles – ‘Hustler Stomp’ Phuturelabs Pick
4. New Ancestors – ‘Don’t Feel Sad’
5. Medals – ‘Disguises’
6. Numbers Are Futile – ‘Supersonic Speed Freak’
7. CS Buchan – ‘Leave it all Behind (Feat. Katie Buchan)

Special thanks to Michael Chang for our artwork: cargocollective.com/mikechangdesignworkout

For more information on Detour Scotland please visit: www.detour-scotland.com

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