Michael Kiwanuka: ‘To Be Young Gifted And Black’

Michael Kiwanuka: ‘To Be Young Gifted And Black’

Taken from the impressive soundtrack from Steve McQueen’s recent triumph, Small Axe, critically acclaimed singer-songwriter Michael Kiwanuka provides one of its highlights in ‘To Be Young Gifted And Black’

Released via Motown Records, the rolling ballad shows continued graceful erudition which continues to place him ahead of many of his peers. 

A mantra for a generation past, present and future, Kiwanuka’s words will not only strike in the hearts of those who identify but will also inspire those who lie as allies. 

His soulful tones accompany a piano canon and its simplicity like this that strikes most powerfully. He remains a formidable wordsmith and musician and this is yet another chapter in his illustrious book of sonics. 

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