Adam Stafford: ‘Threnody for February Swallows’

Adam Stafford: ‘Threnody for February Swallows’

Falkirk-based composer Adam Stafford continues to evolve like a tide swelling and settling with his latest piece ‘Threnody for February Swallows‘.

As many know, film has always been a catalyst for Stafford’s creativity and with an accompanying edit of Dr Wise On Influenza (1919) evolved by filmmaker Leo Bruges, it sets a tone that shows further the versatility of Stafford as a sonic visionary. 

The gradual suspense created is not only unnerving but at times, his instrumentation and sound manipulation takes the listener out of their comfort zone. Sandwiched is an acerbic crescendo between twinkles of comfort. His ebbs and flows are not for the faint-hearted but that’s why he continues to be one of the finest music makers to come out of Scotland. 

Photo by David P Scott

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