Life Is Like A Box Of Records: LOWLA

Following the success of their debut single ‘Reckless’, 90s loving, denim-clad electro pop duo Lara and Lo aka Lowla have a new EP Walls out now via DIY. It is available to buy now on iTunes and stream on Spotify.

Here’s LOWLAs record selection:

Spice Girls – Wannabe
Lo: I used to sing each girl’s part slightly differently as a kiddo, trying to emulate their different voices. It holds a special place in my heart. The Spice Girls were cool and fresh and most importantly they were an all girl band in a male dominated industry. Granted, that hasn’t changed all that much, but they still made an important impact for girls around the globe. We’re proud to having done a cover of it – coming soon!

Mariah Carey – Always Be My Baby

Lo: Cheese fest that one, but it’s just so darn good. I remember hearing it during a holiday outside in the sun for the first time and was instantly drawn to it. We think of swings and ponds and summer night get-togethers when we hear this one. It’s pop at its finest. Sometimes music just has to make you feel good and this song is one of those times.

Tori Amos – Winter

Lo: I got around to Tori quite late, but when I did I had all her records and listened relentlessly. I was heartbroken when I heard Winter and remember sulking in my melodrama as a teenager with Tori accompanying my moodiness.

Michael Jackson – Earth Song

Oh Michael! Such a shame he’s gone. Lo: Many car rides with my parents were spent listening to Michael. This one stuck with me. I always loved how he wanted to change the world through his songs. Michael wasn’t shy to spread a meaningful message that concerns us all and he did it so well. That’s what we love about Michael – idealism and optimism that we can make a change.

Whitney Houston – Wanna Dance With Somebody

Lo: I sang Whitney all the time when I was a child. This one was my absolute favourite and it still is. My parents aren’t as annoyed nowadays when I sing it compared to when I sung it then.

Meredith Brooks- I’m A Bitch

Lara: This is an absolute classic and a track that has had me screaming the chorus to for years. (my go to for karaoke…). My parents have always had the most amazing record collection and I remember discovering this track in my mum’s. I took it to my room and played it on repeat for days! It’s timeless, so sassy and celebrates women. What’s not to love?

Sister Sledge- Thinking Of You

Lara: So smooth, so funky and just one of many many hits! This track celebrates love and that opening riff just takes me to a happy place. This takes centre stage in one of my most recent favourite memories, watching Sister Sledge Shambala festival and singing along with such a mixed crowd! I had such a feeling of nostalgia, It was just magic..

No Doubt- Just A Girl
Lara: Ahh, girl in abundance here, the lyrics look in on societies stifling view of women. It was an important track for me when developing as a songwriter, it taught me to challenge and kick ass! If that isn’t enough I copied the styling in this video, watching it again now takes me right back to the era we love, the 90s!

N Sync – Tearin Up My heart
Lara: This is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me that transports me right back to my teenage years. I know it’s super cheesy but it’s just still a great pop song. We used to make up dances in the playground to this track and I still know all the dance moves! I remember listening and appreciating the simplicity of a good pop song.

Blood Orange- Chamakay

Lara: As a duo we’re huge Dev Hynes fans and we are really inspired by his songwriting and uniqueness. As well as helping us write our own songs this year Blood Orange has definitely been heavily featured in the soundtrack to my 2016 so far. I have some amazing memories of just chilling with my closest friends with the album on. He’s effortlessly cool and we really love the video to this track, check it out!

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