Life Is Like A Box Of Records: John Alcabean

Life Is Like A Box Of Records today is from Danish post-punk outfit John Alcabean who have released their debut EP Real Time Fiction via Tapetown Records.

New BornMuseOrigin Of Symmetry

This song defines the first years of our lives where we went from kids friendly music like “Crazy Frog” and went on the path of being rockstars! Getting home from kindergarten and school, Just tirelessly listening to muse and seeing live footage of them the whole fucking day and just loving the shit out of it every fucking time! We sat through a lot of YouTube tutorials just to learn New born on Piano.

We definitely owe a lot to muse when it comes to our musical standards and of course our dad for showing us the band. Matthew Bellamy was definitely my first music crush and I wanted to be like him in everyway possible, I really loved that man with all my heart!

On CallKings Of LeonBecause Of The Times

Definitely one of the best records ever to be written. When Kings Of Leon got into our homes everything changed. One day Victor (lead-singer and guitarist) got home and showed me and our dad this song, and from that moment on we just fell in love with it. Our dad started writing and producing his own music after 15 year old long break from music in general.

The way that four close relatives without much musical training got together and created such fantastic music, it was just amazing to us. Creating good music is something that is in your blood, and something you are born with, but there is no doubt that you get better with time. Kings of leon was without a doubt the final factor that got me into playing music and writing my own stuff. If 4 guys from Tennessee that had absolutely no musical training except for listening to their own beloved records, could write those bangers, then why couldn’t we do it?

You Don’t Care About UsPlaceboWithout You I’m Nothing

That legendary bass riff at the start, where Stephen from placebo plays on a 6 string Fender bass… do i need to say more? ok… i do! Placebos simple yet entertaining songwriting works everytime. it’s beautiful and it’s brutal, and that’s really what the strive after in John Alcabean. This song moved a lot of barriers of what you could do with instruments.

Placebo is one of the most innovative names in the alt rock scene, and everything they touch becomes gold, they even helped us with the fact, that it’s okay to be androgynous and having some resemblances to our female counterparts actually can look quite cool. Thank you Placebo, and Brian Molko and Stephen Olsdal…if you read this we love you, and please let us tour with you, that would be a dream come true!

Be Quiet And Drive (Far away)DeftonesAround The Fur

Chino Moreno is amazing, he is without a doubt on our list of musician we want to collaborate with the most! The screechy guitars his beautiful voice and banshee screams and oh my god the drums! Deftones just prove that you don’t need more than 5 chords to make an absolute fucking banger! this song is one of those songs that we never get tired of. This song that is just pure organised chaos, and yet it is so beautiful that it makes us roll a tear everytime we hear it. If anyone can make a song dark and melancholy and yet very precious it’s deftones.


The funny thing about interpol is that when we first heard it, we didn’t actually like it that much, it goes the same for most of the bands that we look up to now! Interpol is how we got introduced to post-punk, and without a doubt has a huge influence on us. The way that they make music dark yet so tender and fucking still makes it sound like a sweet rock song. We saw interpol play live in Copenhagen last year, and it was without a doubt one of the best concerts we’ve ever seen. once again the bassline is the dominant part of a song, and Carlos D just fucking kills it everytime, so does Paul, Daniel and Sam as well. Something magic just appears when they make music together, even their newest album is awesome! Beautiful! It doesn’t get better that Interpol.

There’s no secrets this yearSilversun PickupsSwoon

Such a good song! Silversun pickups is one of those bands that are so mellow in person yet very bombastic and big on their albums and live shows. This song never gets old, and the melancholy sound and feel they have, just puts so many thoughts and feelings inside of you. Silversun pickups is truly one of the most Authentic and innovative acts that we have today. Brian Aubert the leading man and drummer Chris will forever be some of the coolest guys when they play live shows. As well as making fantastic music, their all just very likeable and you just want to tour and be friends with them.

Nobody CaresYungAlter

Alter this band gives bands like us hope, that we actually can make it and get further out in the world. Their DIY attitude is very commemorative. Not only their attitudes are awesome, but of course the music. Yung are without a doubt pioneers in making amazing songs where the bassline actually holds most of the melody in the song. We just hope that we can get as far as Yung, and of course even further. Hopefully one day we’re gonna tour with them, that for us is at least a thing that we would love to do. People we admire and love that we want to follow.


This band is without a doubt on the best new bands that everybody should know. Their kinda like Beautiful and melancholic feel to it without ever losing the Alt rock edge that they have. The lead singer’s voice is beautiful and it makes everything soothing and nice. The bassist bass sound is also fucking awesome and distorted. When we hear Paerish we kinda understand and get so many ideas on how a many aspects of john alcabean should sound. And even though their kinda new they get blasted like fucking hell on spotify and different music medias. Undone has been heard over 3 million times, which just shows that if your music is good enough, you will get noticed, so a special thanks to Paerish for making us believe in ourselves.

Wish your were hereIncubusMorning view

I remember this song cause my brother showed it to me, and holy shit i feel in love, remember that this was like 4-5 years ago now. “Wish you were here” always got me in the mood, and it actually still does, even though we don’t actually listen to it that much now.

Our SwordsBand Of HorsesEverything All The Time

Band Of Horses will forever have a special place in my heart. I can’t think of any Band Of Horses song that I don’t like. I actually remember this song mostly from back in the day when I just got introduced to the band. Me, my brother and my dad went to see band of horses live in copenhagen some years ago and that is how i got introduced to there music. This song (our swords) really stuck with me, and it was one of the first bass riffs that I wanted to learn.

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