Kaeto: ‘No Body’

Kaeto: ‘No Body’

Kaeto‘s entrancing new single ‘No Body’ unfurls in swathes of psychedelic pop, the London-based Scottish artist’s reverberant vocals floating over driving rhythms.

Kaeto’s sound remains distinctly her own – hazy, hook-laden dream pop exploring modern themes.

“Why are we all watching ourselves,” she muses over hypnotic basslines, examining smartphone obsession and vanity with self-aware lyricism. ‘No Body’ shimmers with atmospheric production as Kaeto’s sublime vocals swim through a sea of effects.

Her talent for crafting euphoric soundscapes is clear, building the track into a cathartic chorus. An intriguing philosophical quality permeates the lyrics, encouraging reflection without judgement. ‘No Body’ highlights Kaeto’s artistic vision, combining genre-bending musicianship with thoughtful commentary on the modern condition.

Kaeto may avoid defining her work, but ‘No Body speaks volumes – an infectious psych-pop gem from a startlingly unique new voice. 

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