Jessie Marcella: ‘Luminescence’

Jessie Marcella: ‘Luminescence’

Jessie Marcella‘s ambient electronica immerses the listener in a sensory world of poignant delicacy on latest offering ‘Luminescence’.

Marcella’s classically honed talents resonate through the track’s minimalist framework, woven between swathes of synths and enriched with live strings.

Luminescence‘ radiates with gentle yet uplifting energy, its repeated motifs washing over the listener like light breaking through clouds. An intricate blend of neoclassical and dance music delves deep while retaining a sense of forward motion.

Continuing the ambient thread of her Untitled EP, ‘Luminescence‘ highlights Marcella’s unmatched ability to craft music that is subtly transportive and is a testament to Marcella’s musical vision – illuminating the darkness with its ephemeral glow.

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