Interview: Vukovi

strong>King Tut’s New Year’s Revolution is well underway now and Vukovi played a sold out headline show last night to a barrage of fans. We asked the band a few questions ahead of their show!

Tell us who is in your band and an interesting short fact about each person

Janine (vocals/synth) she can lick her own elbow.

Hamish (guitar) his dad DJ Trevor Reilly was on TOTP’s with his song “put your hands up” got to No 20 in the charts.

Jason (bass) A.K.A Batman (long story). There’s a picture of him getting breastfed in a book that was published about “breastfeeding” when he was a baby.

Martyn (drums) A.K.A The milky bar kid. He once auditioned to be the next milky bar kid to which he had to say in front of a camera “the milky bars are on me”.

You are headlining King Tuts for their New Year’s Revolution which is awesome! Have you played there before and if so what is a great memory you have about the place?

We’ve played there twice now; our favourite time was supporting Fatherson as part of the Summer Nights Festival. Amazing crowd, was sold out and we loved the “rider fridge” that said our name on it (easily pleased).

What do you love about playing Glasgow live? Is it different to other cities?

Definitely the best place we’ve played so far, everyone’s “up for a guid time”, great atmosphere, loudest crowds.

Name one artist that is playing the KTNYR12 festival that you want to see and why?

The LaFontaines – love their “don’t give a fuck” attitude and their energy on stage is infectious.

If your band was an alcoholic beverage what would it be and why?

Glenmorangie scotch on the rocks with a wedge of pineapple, because “Drinkify” said so.

What does 2012 have in store for you?

We haven’t a clue what the feck it’s gonna throw at us but a tour, a superhero, blood thirsty music video and a few festivals would do nicely.

Would you rather shit out a monster truck or shit out Anne Widdecombe?

Shit out Anne Widdecombe driving the monster truck, because we’re MENTAL (in ned voice)

If you could punch another artist in the face who would it be and why?

We love everyone! BUT… If you had a gun to our heads we’d probably say Jedward. In our opinion they just seem like wee shits with a couple of pieces short of a picnic.

Finally, choose 3 words to describe what your KTNYR12 set will be like?

MENTAL (in ned voice)

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