Interview: Discopolis

Having seen Discopolis 3 times now and listened to them on heavy rotation, Podcart have a big love for these young men.

They got us dancing and fist pumping at Wickerman Festival, their music also encouraged us to drink a shit load of Frosty Jack’s at a recent MILK night that they played. So much fun is always had when we see these boys that Kirstin and I just want to twiddle our nipples like radio knobs. Maybe this could be a stage extra for you boys?

Tonight they hit King Tut’s for a headline slot that promises to be pretty euphoric. They are tipped for the top in 2012 and Vic Galloway even said so on our 100th podcast!

For some reason it has popped into my heads that they shoudl remix We Were Promised Jetpacks. Anyway, back to the preview.

We were lucky enough to grab an interview with the Discorides themselves and here is what they had to say:

Tell us who is in your band and an interesting short fact about each person

David “One Dollar Dave” Lloyd suffers from a rare condition – he lives life in a constant state of Euphoria, tragically lead singer Fergus suffers from Euphoraphobia. Juicier still, guitarist Laurie is the proud owner of an ASBO, for an incident involving a deck chair.

You are headlining King Tuts for their New Year’s Revolution which is awesome! Have you played there before and if so what is a great memory you have about the place?

We’ve actually not had the pleasure of playing there yet, but we’ve been assured that it is THE venue for young unsigned bands to play – the phrase “rite of passage” has been bandied about.

What do you love about playing Glasgow live? Is it different to other cities?

If you want to be noticed in the Scottish music scene, Glasgow’s obviously the place to be, going to see live bands seems to be part and parcel for anyone that lives in the city – which definitely isn’t something to take for granted. That being said, we had a great show in Peterhead at the beginning of October last year, really receptive crowd.

Name one artist that is playing the KTNYR12 festival that you want to see and why?

We’d really like to catch Vukovi, lead singer Janine got on stage with Fatherson at their packed out Arches show and really capped it all off nicely – great voice!

If your band was an alcoholic beverage what would it be and why?

A Blue WKD, because we’re all such lads, but beers a tad fizzy and leaves us feeling rather bloated afterwards… But if I’m being honest we’re probably a fruity shiraz from Dave’s mum’s wine cellar (not Laurie though, he’s got Sainsbury’s Basics written all over him).

Is there a band that didn’t make the KTNYR12 bill that you think should have? Can you recommend us a track by them?Miaoux Miaoux – Pixellated. Though I’m sure you’re more than aware of Julian’s electronic prowess.

What does 2012 have in store for you?

We hope to start tying an album together and improving our live show in time for all the Summer festivals (so long as those pesky Mayans don’t double cross us!).

Would you rather shit out a monster truck or shit out Anne Widdecombe?

Well, Logistically Anne Widdecombe would do less damage, so it’s kind of a no brainer. We’ll have our people speak to hers and we’ll see what we can rustle up. Could be the unofficial video for ‘When Ghosts Get Angry’ – with Anne playing the ghost.

If you could punch another artist in the face who would it be and why?

We’re flattered that you had it in you to muster the image of the three of us actually having the ability to throw a punch! Though we don’t condone violence (we scare easily) it would have to be either one of the Gallagher brothers.

Finally, choose 3 words to describe what your KTNYR12 set will be like?

Self-indulgent vegetarian propaganda.

Catch Discopolis tonight with support from Kill The Waves, Capstin Pole + Blood Blood.

Listen to this in the buff and dance round your room with a bag of pumpkin seeds to get you in the mood:

Discopolis – Bitches All Over Europe by discopolismusic

Halina Rifai

Photo by Eoin Carey

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