Idrissi: ‘Castlemorton’

Idrissi: ‘Castlemorton’

With his enthralling new single ‘Castlemorton‘, Moroccan producer Idrissi further cements his reputation as an innovative electronic force.

While traces of UK garage can be detected, Idrissi ultimately sculpts something wholly unique. ‘Castlemorton‘ marks a triumphant new chapter for the producer after prolonged writer’s block, its rain-soaked genesis manifesting in evocative nature-inspired soundscapes.

Idrissi’s signature unexpected rhythms, distorted bass and euphoric melodies craft a journey through the boundless realms of electronic music. The track is a meticulous tribute to the largest illegal British rave in history, with Idrissi boldly blurring genre lines into something that resonates as uniquely his own.

 This vibrant single suggests thrilling new sonic territory lies ahead.

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