Miki Rose & Marcus Makes Beats: ‘Beautiful’

Miki Rose & Marcus Makes Beats: ‘Beautiful’

With their inspirational new single ‘Beautiful‘, Miki Rose and producer brother Marcus Makes Beats deliver an uplifting anthem of self-love and worth.

MMB’s smooth basslines and Rose’s effortlessly soulful vocals craft something idiosyncratically their own. The track marks the sibling duo’s first public collaboration, unveiling MMB as a producer to watch. His deft blending of sound design provides a vibrant canvas for Rose’s sublime voice.

Together, their chemistry radiates positivity that lingers long after the final notes. For fans craving more, ‘Beautiful’ is just the first taste of this collaborative force, with a full project expected in 2024. But for now, this shining preview suggests great things lie ahead for Miki Rose and Marcus Makes Beats. Uplifting listening.

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