I Wish I Was A Punk Band: ‘Ash’

I Wish I Was A Punk Band: ‘Ash’

On their latest new dream pop offering ‘Ash‘, Phil Hamilton’s solo project I Wish I Was A Punk Band crafts beauty from adversity.

Stark vocal effects glide over intricate soundscapes, conjuring Washington’s claustrophobic 2020 wildfires. Yet amidst the haze, Hamilton finds catharsis. Their tongue-in-cheek lyrics chide superficial social media posts, before reaching philosophical depths. ‘Ash‘ is a transportive listening experience, evoking Vacationer’s tranquil vistas. |

But Hamilton makes it distinctively their own with experimental vocals and they adeptly juxtapose lyrics lamenting isolation with rich sonic textures that provide comfort. It’s a testament to his resourceful musicality.

Hamilton has woven an atmospheric reverie. ‘Ash‘ proves escapism can have purpose – urging us to find meaning while the world burns. Their lo-fi alchemy transmutes trauma into beauty.

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