Crewless: ‘Elevator (going down)’

Crewless: ‘Elevator (going down)’

Utah outfit Crewless take us on an emotional descent with ‘Elevator (going down)’, an achingly beautiful meditation on the trials of devotion.
Their minimalist alt-pop reveals intimate sounds as whispered vocals glide over muted beats and melancholia-drenched synths.

Crewless make it distinctively their own, imbuing the lyrics with a raw relatability. The track deftly captures love’s dizzying highs and draining lows, wearing you out even as you go along for the ride. This is bedroom pop at its most poignant and hypnotic.

Crewless have crafted something transportive here – pairing subdued electronic textures with vivid storytelling. Producer Nate Pyfer’s indie and house background proves the perfect match for the band’s experimental bent. Together they have forged an atmospheric portrait of complex relationships. With its hushed beats aligned with potent lyrics, ‘Elevator (going down)’ cements Crewless as ones to watch. Even at their most minimal, their songs resound.

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