Helax: ‘In The Still Before Dawn’

Helax: ‘In The Still Before Dawn’

Helax‘s latest single, ‘In The Still Before Dawn,’ unveils a captivating journey that seamlessly fuses elements of dream-pop and electronic beats.

Hailing from Uppsala and now based in Berlin, Helax, the creative force behind The Ghost Of Helags and Brynäs, showcases his prowess in crafting a sound that feels full of vitality. 

The track exudes a subtle yet powerful energy, with Helax skillfully navigating the delicate balance between ambient textures and pulsating rhythms. ‘In The Still Before Dawn‘ serves as a testament to Helax’s ability to push the boundaries of electronic music, creating a distinctive sound that stands apart from his contemporaries. This is testament to Helax’s evolution as a solo artist, carving out a unique space in the electronic music realm and leaving audiences eagerly anticipating his next sonic exploration.

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