Cephas Azariah: ‘closer’

Cephas Azariah: ‘closer’

On achingly tender new offering ‘closer‘, composer Cephas Azariah spotlights profound creative chemistry with vocalist Elle Limebear.

Their partnership feels predestined – Azariah’s delicate neoclassical flourishes the ideal foundation for Limebear’s gossamer delivery. Her poignant vocal pepperings are accompanied by strings and piano chords which envelop the listener like familiar warmth.

Yet for all its comforting familiarity, ‘closer‘ never feels retrospective. Subtle electronic touches point to Azariah’s unwillingness to remain confined by convention or expectation. Likewise, Limebear reaches new emotional heights – the purity of tone and clarity of resonance suggesting a vocalist fully inhabiting her instrument. Ultimately, through gifting insight into their sublime creative symbiosis, the duo have manifested a space for stillness and contemplation in a chaotic world.

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