Haquin: ‘Sequence (feat. Piksel and LARA)’

Haquin: ‘Sequence (feat. Piksel and LARA)’

Edinburgh composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Haquin teams up with London-based producer and musician Piksel and vocalist LARA on transportive new release ‘Sequence‘. 

I am a sucker for minimalist electro, it’s one of my strongest vices so from the offing this had me snared. With not a moment of space wasted, this is a track that appreciates weighted pauses and sprawling atmospherics. 

There are a number of beautiful gestures within the song, the Celtic lilt of Piksel’s violin in its underpinning, the murmur of LARA’s vocal in the gods and Haquin’s differing percussive pace throughout. Haquin creates a curious world and one that hints that there is further growth and an exciting path ahead. 

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