Kapil Seshasayee: ‘Rupture of the Wheel (Supermann on da beat remix)’

Kapil Seshasayee: ‘Rupture of the Wheel (Supermann on da beat remix)’

Bringing together a wealth of talent, innovative artist Kapil Seshasayee collaborates with producer and DJ Supermann on da beat on a remix of his already outstanding track ‘Rupture of the Wheel‘. 

And it doesn’t stop there. Joining the pair are MCs randombrownkid, Daranti Group and MC Salum. All provide a guest verse and bring their own unique delivery, texture and finesse. 

Unflinching in its focus, Supermann keeps the essence of the original but manages to pack in a wealth of new dynamics and stunning tangents. Instinctive in its approach and collaboration, there are no boundaries here. This is an escape from the boredom of static remixes but it also feels surprisingly poignant and empowering in its message and sound. 

Photo of Supermann on da beat by Diana Georgieva

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