Spotify Playlist: Nostalgia

Spotify Playlist: Nostalgia

Welcome to the Podcart playlist.

This week is about nostalgia, the songs are derivative of teenage listening years and are perfect for soundtracking short journeys. From soul to slacker indie to trip-hop and everything in between. With love.

This week’s tracks: 
Kingsbury: ‘All Gone’ 
Indigo De Souza: ‘Good Heart’
Megan Airlie: ‘Honey’ 
Stillhound: ‘Strangers Will Not Thank You’ 
Bria Lee: ‘Purple Clouds’ 
BODEGA: Jack in Titanic’ 
Skegss: ‘Smogged Out’ 
Lala Lala: ‘Destroyer’ 
Strange Boy: ‘Suburbia’ 
Nova Twins: ‘Lose Your Head’ 

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