Pow Janken: ‘visible gods’

Pow Janken: ‘visible gods’

New Zealand electronic artist Pow Janken‘s latest ‘visible gods’, conjures a hypnotic soundscape that envelops the listener in its otherworldly textures.

Avoiding easy categorisation, Janken incorporates elements of psychedelia, ambient and leftfield electronica into a heady amalgamation.

From the off, a sense of the uncanny pervades – glistening arpeggios reverberate against more sinister bass tones. Yet as the arrangement progresses, the initial feeling of unease shifts into an immersive, dream-like state. Gossamer synth textures interweave with impressionistic melodic motifs as the track pulls you deeper into its orbit.

Despite the abstractions, there is structure here that anchors proceedings, ensuring it never spills over into formlessness. Moments of shadow play against flashes of radiance that emerge from the mix. By subtly manipulating dynamics, Janken maintains intrigue as repeating sonic elements slowly shift in character.

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