Spotify Playlist: The Sine Wave

Welcome to the Podcart playlist. This moves like a sine wave. Emotionally, it peaks and troughs and the music will hopefully mimic that. Acoustic to electro to indie to alternative and more in between. Put your headphones on, go for a walk, put it on in the car, play in your office, just please listen.…

Cutty’s Gym: ‘Dance Stance’

Forever a sucker for discordant, volatile alt-punk, it comes as a welcome surprise that Glasgow’s Cutty’s Gym have finally revealed the first taster from their anticipated EP, Zante. Original 2-piece, Craig Mcintyre and Iain Stewart have now augmented into a foursome with the addition of Philip Differ and Marco Panagopoulos. Every member is well known in…

Oddnesse: ‘Trust’

A studio collaboration between musician Rebeca Arango and producer Grey Goon, Oddnesse have emerged with a plaintive and curious introduction to their music.  ‘Trust‘, glows from an assured and simmering delivery. With her voice, which yearns and caresses the ears like a soft breeze on a warm day, Arango is beguiling.

Maps & Atlases: ‘Fall Apart’

Maps & Atlases make a welcome return with their latest release, ‘Fall Apart‘. The forthcoming new album’s first single is unassuming, romantic in nature and packed full of vibrant indie undertones. This boasts an impressive return to form and one that is infectious, heartfelt and emotional.

Clothes: ‘Never Home’

With its stunning call back to seminal post-punk bands of days gone by, Clothes have managed to make their sound sentimental, yet completely relevant. There’s a melodic canon that burns brightly at the centre of their music. Kaleidoscopic guitars bathe the song in a shoegaze light leaving you feeling satisfyingly uplifted.

Active Bird Community: ‘Spend The Night’

Brooklyn quartet, Active Bird Community’s latest release will end up pulling those nostalgic heartstrings. With its immaculate dynamic, ‘Spend The Night’ will have you reaching emotional depths. An appropriate anthem for a new generation, it moves between enervation, hope, and desolation. Protected by a glorious, melodic cacoon, turn it up loud and sing till your…

Low Cut High Tops: ‘Typical’

With almost 2 minutes 37 seconds of relentless high-octane sonic mayhem, you will be hard pushed to find a more addictive alt-punk song so far this year. Gleefully terrifying, this is a thrilling guitar-saturated joy ride and one that you will not want to end.

Spielbergs: ‘Distant Star’

If you are looking for one of the hooks of 2018, look no further – Oslo trio Spielbergs have you covered. With a hyperdrive guitar assault and soaring vocals, this will make your heart burst with happiness. Spielbergs have penned something pure, charming and confident. This sits firmly with my other songs of the year…

Scott Hutchison: A hero

  In the throes of passion, articulation can sometimes be lost. I might not be as eloquent as many a journalist, but these memories and experiences make me very thankful. There is a content warning here, there will be a discussion of mental health and associated elements. Myspace was a strange and intriguing thing. Before…