Kate Birch: ‘Welcome To Paradise’

Kate Birch: ‘Welcome To Paradise’

With ‘Welcome To Paradise’, Kate Birch offers up a shimmering slice of indietronica that conjures the heady euphoria of a perfect summer’s day.

Lifting off on intimate synths and violin that mimics birdsong, there is a pastoral quality here that reflects the track’s origins. Inspired by an episode of ego death while hiking, Birch chronicles the sensory overload and heightened connection to nature she experienced.

Yet this is no acid-drenched reverie – there is structure and composure in the harmonies. As the track progresses, texture and atmosphere accumulate, wash upon wash of sound cascading over nectarous vocals. The skill is in subtleties though – the way the arrangement ebbs and flows, at once intimate and expansive. It lulls you into its orbit with quiet intensity before blooming into moments of radiance.

Uplifting in the truest sense, ‘Welcome To Paradise‘ offers an experience that lingers long after it has faded.

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