Marnie: ‘Lost Maps’

Marnie: ‘Lost Maps’

I  could quite easily rave about my love for Ladytron and how they dominated my playlists when I was younger, like so many others, but I think it’s time to concentrate on Marnie as a soloist and her notable progression as an electronic artist in her own right.

‘Lost Maps’, is the latest single to be taken from her highly anticipated forthcoming album, Strange Words And Weird Wars and, for me, it’s her strongest release to date. Drawing you in right from its initial potent synth arpeggios, this is a natural habitat for Marnie and her voice feels as home in this sophisticated electro-pop environment as it ever has.

Its celestial sonic background remains a constant nucleus to an equally captivating melodic overlay. There are few songs this year that have hit me so hard on impact.

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