Introducing… Tryptamines

Introducing… Tryptamines

Scotland’s Tryptamines are another impeccable signing to Aberdeen’s Fitlike Records roster.

The band are led by composer, multi-instrumentalist and doric poet Callum Peterkin (aka Chemical Callum) and joined by Tom the Noise Monger (vocals, samples, guitars) and Tiny Broken Keyboards (echoes, noises). Having gone through a horrific time personally, Peterkin battled with a painkiller addiction, depression and a cancer scare following a debilitating injury to his arm. Remarkably, six years on, Peterkin has rebuilt his life personally and overcome the odds.

Their latest song, ‘This Is My Feelings’ is the first taster of forthcoming EP, The Way Which Can Be Named Is Not The Nameless Way due out in April this year.

The debut single is like a stream of cigarette smoke, it uncurls, floats and settles. Something so beautiful emerges from a thing deemed unpleasant. Peterkin’s vocal is full of sadness and ambiguous grace.

“When I play it is the only time I feel I am truly at peace and my complex mind shuts down and I feel an energy marionette me as I play in complete peace, allowing myself to witness the true beauty of emotional perfectness. As emotional madness is channelled through whatever expressive method is at hand and, in this case, it’s music. I have heard some people say that they should only feel once they are dead – a complete peace with one’s self.” Peterkin’s thoughts behind his music are illustrated perfectly in its composition, it eloquently demonstrates how much he has to offer and how clearly his music speaks to him.

He goes on to say, “Some have said that true art is unhappy. The sadness may just be a defence mechanism to our underlying, overwhelming merry-go-round and all round inner happiness. Then again perhaps not. The compositions are largely based on life experience – living our lives, making up our own personal history as we go along, making our own memories and then documenting them within the science of sound – our poetry and art is all expression relevant. Our art is based on our memories – scenes we see and situations (often surreal and madly bizarre in a uniquely fucked-up manner).”

Perhaps fate forced Peterkin’s experiences, sometimes we can offer forgiveness for the horrors in our life if art like this is the outcome.

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  1. Beautiful Artful Soulful Music. Love it – Thank you Tryptamines – Callum Peterkin (aka Chemical Callum)

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