Jonnie Common: ‘Restless’

Jonnie Common: ‘Restless’

There’s a pool of Scottish artists that have remained Podcart’s most underrated. Miaoux Miaoux, Adam Stafford and Jonnie Common are part of an indicative group of some of the most talented humans to feed us music.

Common’s output over the last 9 years of following him has been nothing short of curious, exceptional and inspiring. The intelligence within his music always makes me think of that super computer in Superman 3 that Richard Pryor has to control – it goes way beyond my expectations (without turning anyone into a manic cyborg).

New single, ‘Restless‘ is due out via Song, By Toad Records October 6th and is an ode to those that are fed up, worked to the bone and the dreams that accompany those tough times.

It’s another idiosyncratic deposit in an increasingly distinct discography, his wholehearted honesty with its notable comedic approach makes this all the more endearing. Never depressing and recurrently funny, thanks to lines such as, “shout out to self-employed”, this is a welcome return into his wholly unique universe.

Tour dates:

5th October – Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh
6th October – Tolbooth, Stirling
7th October – Hug & Pint, Glasgow
9th October – Servant Jazz Quarters, London

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