Zoe Graham: ‘Sleep Talking’

Zoe Graham: ‘Sleep Talking’

The journey that Zoe Graham has undertaken already in her time as a musician in the public eye has been remarkable. 

Her previous single ‘Gradual Move‘ and her latest, ‘Sleep Talking’ have been a notable progression from her Hacket & Knackered EP. Admittedly, I didn’t connect with her earlier releases, however, the foresight that her fans and peers saw has landed. 

For me, she is now one of the most promising new musicians to emerge in her field and her songwriting prowess, vocal eminence and meritorious production have all combined perfectly. Given her infancy, it is astounding that you could place ‘Sleep Talking’ alongside output from the likes of Imogen Heap, St Vincent, Haim amongst others and it would hold its own. I cannot wait for what’s next. 

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