Violet Clare: ‘five months’

Violet Clare: ‘five months’

Violet Clare packs a punch with her latest alt-pop confessional.
The Michigan singer-songwriter displays wisdom beyond her years on ‘five months‘ – an intimate, propulsive takedown of fickle suitors. Her vocal delivery radiates confidence as she recounts this ill-fated situationship over surging guitars and driving percussion.

This is Violet coming into her own, refusing to mince words. The track captivates with its honesty, and catharsis resonating from each peak. While the lyrical content explores profoundly personal terrain, Violet’s relatable experiences will doubtless find resonance with listeners.

Undeniably catchy, ceaselessly genuine and bursting with spirit, ‘five months’ heralds a promising young talent and an intriguing debut record soon to come.

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