Vern Matz: ‘Systematically Gone’

Vern Matz: ‘Systematically Gone’

Formed at Yale University, the Connecticut trio have returned with one of the year’s most poignant songs. 

‘Systematically Gone’ is the follow-up to a collection of stunning pre-cursors and the outfit have already built a reputation for crafting notably moving pieces. 

A breathtaking ballad that will have your heart beating faster by the second line, there is still something strikingly haunting about its delivery and the way it simply stays with you following its final note. Danny Belgrad’s translucent vocal will help fuel that desired hit for sadness leaving you completely satisfied. 

There’s a catharsis here that I periodically need. This has a frankness, there are no frills, it’s just a precious gem that resonates loudly with your feelings and proves itself a companion. 

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