The Machine Room – Your Head On The Floor Next Door

I first came across The Machine Room care of the Tape folks through in Edinburgh and the legend that is Mr Tom Nicol.

I have to say I stereotyped them immediately and thought I was going to see a Stone Roses/Charlatans type tribute band, but I was proven completely wrong.

The thing about The Machine Room is that they are clearly influenced by true Indie, but like any clever band that actually gives a shit, they have done it their own way and made it completely relevant to today.

‘Your Head on the Floor Next Door’ is our Song of the Day and comes with an infatuating video that is nakedly simple. The track itself is humane without the melancholy, it is grand without being overbearing and it ultimately is like being put back in touch with a very dear friend.

I cannot wait to see where The Machine Room go next.

Halina Rifai

Lead photo by Jonathan Freemantle

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