Tamu Massif: ‘This Voice, This Place (feat. Twinsen & Wil Owen)’

Tamu Massif: ‘This Voice, This Place (feat. Twinsen & Wil Owen)’

Having announced his next album Late For My Funeral due 12 August, Tamu Massif teams up with Twinsen and Wil Owen on latest release ‘This Voice, This Place‘. 

The Bristol-based songwriter and producer continues to evolve immeasurably release by release and his latest has let he and his collaborators breathe within the arrangement. The real pleasure of this song is hearing how it’s been shaped. There’s a pure warmth that bubbles underneath giving an inner calm. 

Feeling almost improvisational in its progression, its immediacy and intimacy are its charms. Bathed in melancholy, the sadness that fuels its vocals and lyrics is everything that makes it a joy for those experiencing it. 

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