SORAN: ‘Magic’

SORAN: ‘Magic’

Like a bolt from the blue, SORAN‘s incandescent new single ‘Magic‘ casts an immediate spell.

This track glitters with an alchemical brilliance – melding nostalgic undertones and electronic beats into a euphoric philosopher’s stone. Yet behind the mystical metaphor, real human warmth glows at its core. With an addictive vocal illuminating the loved-up lyricism, ‘Magic‘ is a celestial celebration of romance’s supernatural power. SORAN eschews introspection, choosing instead to beam starry-eyed optimism straight to the heart.

Once a lone busker channelling his soul underground, SORAN now emerges into the light. ‘Magic‘ is an effulgent evolution, transforming his indie past into a neon-bathed future. Like a summer solstice party in some enchanted forest grove, this shimmering pop elixir awakens our senses.

Photo by @aslongasthereslife

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