Riley Pearce: ‘How Will I Know?’

Riley Pearce: ‘How Will I Know?’

With his new single ‘How Will I Know?‘, Australian singer-songwriter Riley Pearce poignantly captures the uncertainties of coming of age.

Pearce’s gentle folk tones feel both reassuring and contemplative as he navigates the track’s search for life’s answers. When he asks “How will I know if I’m doing it right?” it’s a sentiment that deeply resonates. Pearce reflects on how we never fully have it figured out, how the unknown future simultaneously fills us with fear and excitement.

The lush production echoes this emotional complexity, blending melancholy and hope through its delicate and tender acoustics. The song highlights Pearce’s talent for crafting comforting folk music that connects deeply with the listener.

With its well-worn familiarity and quiet optimism, this introspective new single proves Pearce an adept guide through the winding road of self-discovery.

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