Poster Club: ‘Shared Circumstances’

Poster Club: ‘Shared Circumstances’

Glasgow post-punks Poster Club capture the bittersweet nostalgia of youth on the propulsive ‘Shared Circumstances‘.
Their choppy rock juggernaut explores the angst and belonging felt among teenage alt-culture misfits. Energetic rhythms give way to churning dissonance as the track builds, mirroring the push-and-pull of adolescence.

Winding guitars nod to alternative nostalgia, while the punk aggression propels into a sound wholly their own. Recorded with Paul McInally, the production packs notable live energy which fuels its charm.

The single shows Poster Club’s sound and songcraft continuing to mature. They nostalgically encapsulate the shared experience of youthful alienation and connection. This angsty anthem will resonate with former alt-kids and current outcasts alike.

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