Podcast 136: I Want 32,500 Steak Bakes

Welcome to our new series! Halina and Kevin bring you another episode with some epic tunes. We continue to apologise to professional podcasters.

Our tracklisting this week is:

1. Kinbrae – ‘The Anderson Shelter’
2. Turtle – ‘Who Knows’
3. Avatism – ‘Behind The Hourglass (Alex Smoke Remix)’ Phuturelabs Pick
4. Throwback Thursday Track: The Reindeer Section – ‘Last Song On Blue Tape’
5. Sleaford Mods – ‘Jolly F*cker’
6. Robyn G Shiels – Underneath The Stars
7. Fatalists – ‘The Old Hag’
8. North American War – ‘Geraniums On A Spit’

Episode 136: ‘I Want 32,500 Steak Bakes’ by Podcart

Special thanks to Michael Chang for our artwork: cargocollective.com/mikechangdesignworkout

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