Podcast 133: Intros & Joss Whedon

Welcome to our new series! Halina and Kevin bring you another episode with 6 tracks. We apologise to Joss Whedon and professional podcasters.

We also have 6 tremendous tracks from Scotland and beyond for your listening pleasure:

1. Monoganon – ‘Best Pals’ (Lost Map Records)
2. World Peace – ‘Burn It Down’ (self-released)
3. The Wharves – ‘Renew’ (Soft Power Records)
4. Throwback Thursday Track: Urusei Yatsura – ‘Hello Tiger (John Peel Session)’ (Che, Oni Records)
5. Moby feat. Wayne Coyne – ‘Perfect Life (Fuck Buttons Remix) (Mute Records)
6. Super Adventure Club – ‘9 Times’ (Armellodie Records)

Episode 133: Introductions & Joss Whedon by Podcart

Special thanks to Michael Chang for our artwork.

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