philomenah: ‘Vacant Moments (feat. KruddTheGuru)’

philomenah: ‘Vacant Moments (feat. KruddTheGuru)’

Edinburgh-based alternative R&B multi-talent philomenah teams up with Baltimore rapper KruddTheGuru on latest release ‘Vacant Moments‘. 

With a clear sense of stylistic integrity, the meeting of these minds along with producer Lost Hero brings another level of refinement. 

philomenah’s candied vocals stand up in power against a staunch languid sets of beats and an undulating bed of sequencing.  KruddTheGuru is a brilliant chapter, teasing in the background and bringing an effervescent key change. 

I find these types of collaborations fantastic, there’s a certain stereotype of Scottish artists sticking within the confines of an often small music industry and this is an alliance that stands out. 

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