Pa Salieu: ‘Glidin’ (feat slowthai)’

Pa Salieu: ‘Glidin’ (feat slowthai)’

It feels like a heart beat since Pa Salieu was rightfully named BBC Sound of 2021. The young prodigy now emerges with a slowthai collaboration and it’s a visual and sonic delight. 

Produced by LiTek & Whyjay, ‘Glidin” eliminates all weaknesses and showcases an artist entering one of the finest stages of his career. There’s a clear refinement here from song through to video and the two combined place Salieu up with some of the greatest visionaries to emerge in recent years. 

With its dancehall underbelly and gut-basting bassline beats, the staccato of its vocalists further augment an already addictive banger. 

Salieu is on peak form and ‘Glidin” begs the question, how much better can it get? 

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