Niteworks: ‘An Toll Dubh (feat. Sian)’

Niteworks: ‘An Toll Dubh (feat. Sian)’

Niteworks‘ latest release, ‘An Toll Dubh’, stands as a heartfelt homage to the band’s remarkable journey as they bid farewell to the spotlight.

With Sian’s ethereal vocals weaving seamlessly alongside Fiona MacAskill’s emotive fiddling, the track revitalises Runrig’s classic while upholding Niteworks’ distinctive fusion of folk and electronica. Co-produced by the band and Andrea Gobbi, the song carries a sense of urgency, urging listeners to awaken to the plight of Gaelic culture, lest it fades into oblivion.

As Niteworks embark on their final tour, the Solas Na Maidne Tour, the depth of ‘An Toll Dubh’ becomes more apparent. The track’s emotional plea to safeguard Gaelic heritage mirrors the band’s call for the preservation of their musical legacy. Through visuals transitioning from dusk till dawn, the tour promises an exploration of Niteworks’ evolution, from their humble origins on the Isle of Skye to their revered status as pioneers of Scotland’s folk and electronica fusion. This single not only showcases Niteworks’ musical prowess but also serves as a rallying cry for the preservation of cultural identity—a fitting swan song for a band whose influence transcends mere melody.

This musical farewell signifies more than just a final performance; it’s a testament to Niteworks’ enduring impact on the contemporary Gaelic scene. Their journey, spanning nearly two decades, has been marked by innovation and dedication, culminating in a discography that has left an indelible mark on Scotland’s cultural landscape. With each chord of ‘An Toll Dubh‘ Niteworks’ invite listeners to contemplate the rich tapestry of Gaelic heritage, urging them to embrace the language and traditions that define their identity. In this closing act, Niteworks ensure the flame of Gaelic culture burns brightly for years to come.

Live dates announced so far: 

May 10 – Skye Live, Isle of Skye
June 8 – The Reeling, Glasgow
July 27 – Belladrum, Inverness Shire

UK tour 
November 6 – Eden Court, Inverness tickets
November 9 – The Garage, London tickets

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