Nia Wyn: ‘Muzzle (feat. R.A.E)

Nia Wyn: ‘Muzzle (feat. R.A.E)

Nia Wyn continues on her trajectory of excellence, this time teaming up with the notable talents of R.A.E

Muzzle‘ explores the grind of typical office life and its 9 to 5 drudgery. With some clever lyrical epithets and well-observed lived experience, Wyn has captured this perfectly. 

There’s a fire here that’s undiminished and the marrying of Wyn’s ridiculous vocal with R.A.E’s on point spits feels perfect. They create an enviable spirit and musically, its laid back sonic canvas makes way for these stellar vocalists. 

Talent like this gives so much hope for the road ahead. 

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