Nectar Woode: ‘Good Vibrations’

Nectar Woode: ‘Good Vibrations’

With her latest single ‘Good Vibrations’, London’s Nectar Woode radiates joyful nostalgia.

Co-written and co-produced with Bad Sounds, this track brims with childhood innocence and carefree vibes. Woode’s velvety vocals conjure memories of laughing and dancing with friends.

Propulsive soul rhythms nod to her jazz background while channelling nostalgic influences. ‘Good Vibrations‘ is a sun-soaked celebration of community and spreading love. Woode transports us back to simpler times, her voice smooth as honey. Irresistibly catchy melodies pair perfectly with uplifting lyrics.

As a single, this delivers emotional catharsis through its jubilant sound and marks an exciting new chapter for this gifted singer-songwriter. Nectar Woode immerses us in good vibes – just hit replay.

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