Martin Curkovic: ‘Knee Deep (feat. 22DEADROSES)’

Martin Curkovic: ‘Knee Deep (feat. 22DEADROSES)’

Australian drum & bass producer Martin Curkovic makes a splash with his latest offering ‘Knee Deep’, featuring the sultry pop vocals of 22DEADROSES.

This genre-bending collaboration sees Curkovic fuse thumping basslines and brisk breakbeats with smooth melodic hooks to craft an infectious listen destined for airwaves and clubs alike.

‘Knee Deep’ transitions from dancefloor igniter to radio-ready anthem seamlessly. As the track hits climax, the vocal samples glide effortlessly over juggernaut synthesizers. 

The producer’s ability to blend EDM and pop so adeptly without compromising artistic integrity is a notable skill – and ‘Knee Deep’ is just a taste of more crossover hits still to come.

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