Make Friends: ‘Loaded Fun’

Make Friends: ‘Loaded Fun’

Bristol-based quartet Make Friends have made a triumphant return with their latest single, ‘Loaded Fun‘, marking a thrilling new chapter in their musical journey.

Produced by Bombay Bicycle Club’s Ed Nash, the track showcases the band’s remarkable growth and willingness to push the boundaries of their indie-pop and rock-influenced sound. ‘Loaded Fun’ is a brilliant blend of jagged percussion, spiralling guitar motifs, and an explosive pre-chorus that highlights the band’s tight-knit musicianship and ability to craft infectious, high-energy tracks.

Lyrically, ‘Loaded Fun‘ delves into the complex themes of addiction and the toll it can take on relationships. The band’s honest and reflective approach to songwriting shines through, as they explore the bittersweet nature of post-breakup emotions and the realisation that sometimes, walking away from a toxic situation is the best course of action. This release is a testament to their enduring creativity and passion for their craft.

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