LYLO: ‘Hush (feat. Esmé Dee)’

LYLO: ‘Hush (feat. Esmé Dee)’

Scottish trio LYLO make a soulful return from hiatus with their cinematic new single ‘HUSH‘, featuring The Orielles’ Esmé Dee.

Their smooth fusion of downbeat club, Balearic beats, and buttery soul captures the pensive melancholia of desperate attempts at connection.

LYLO deftly depicts the wrestling match between anxiety and vulnerability’s play-hard-to-get defences. Dee’s breezy additions are the personification of the guarded inner voice that keeps love at bay. Yet there’s a glimmer of optimism in the lush landscapes as LYLO processes estrangement’s sting. 

Directors Daniel Cook and Marcy Paterson enhance the narrative beautifully with stylistic film references. With lush soundscapes and sleek visuals, ‘HUSH’ heralds a triumphant return from the promising Scottish 3-piece. 

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