Life Is Like A Box Of Records: Nico Cham (Fuck Art, Let’s Dance)

Today’s Life Is Like A Box Of Records is scribed by Nico Cham from praised band Fuck Art, Let’s Dance.

You can listen to their music here:

Kris Kross – Jump

The very first song I’ve got to groove on. I think I was 3 or 4 years old when it came out. I watched a lot of MTV when I was a child. Especially listening to all those oldschool hiphop tracks. There’s still a VHS tape somewhere of me hopping to this tune.

Coldplay – Shiver

When I went to school and discovered indie music for the first time, it’s been Coldplay paving the way. I have to admit, that I still listen to them. Preferably the first two albums they’ve released, I don’t like the new one’s… I was amazed by their track ‘Magic’ but I just can’t listen to the rest. I’ve sang their songs so many times.

Broken Social Scene – 7/4 Shoreline

The first band I ever saw live! This was an astonishing concert. They had The Most Serene Republic as tour support which in the end played an encore with Broken Social Scene together. Imagine about 20 people blasting their instruments and rocking sky high. I’ve got to talk to Brendan Canning telling him I wanted to be a musician myself. Feels great looking back at this moment and realising where I am right now.

Phoenix – Lisztomania

Phoenix are the band that made me cry for the first time. I was at Melt! Festival 2009 where they played on the main stage. I was sitting with my guitarist Romeo just listening to the sound which was phenomenal. We promised us to play Melt! Festival ourselves someday. This will be happening next week, after 5 long years.

Local Natives – Wide Eye

I’m always searching for new music, keeping myself up to date. Sometimes you find nothing, other
times you’ll discover a gem. I was browsing through my usual blogs and channels until I stumbled upon Local Natives, who had just released their first album. It got me hooked up immediately and I shared it with my bandmates who eventually went to their concert with me. It was a really great evening with this song being our total favourite.

Daughter – Winter

Being a musician doesn’t always help your relationship. My ex-girlfriend was a huge fan of Daughter. She knows every lyric and uses them to get in touch with me again from time to time. One day I ran into Elena Tonra, but I couldn’t even say one word.

Gardens & Villa – Black Hills

A good friend of mine, who also happened to book us into our very first support shows for Ratatat and WhoMadeWho, had just recently opened up his own little restaurant/bar playing only vinyls and not using CD’s as most people do who own such an establishment. It was a very neat place with sofas and a seperate room where he held special events. On opening day he introduced me to Gardens & Villa who haven’t been on my radar at all. The opener ‘Black Hills’ always reminds me of this grand occasion.

We Were Promised Jetpacks – Quiet Little Voices

This is a song that always gets us hyped for getting crazy on the dance floor. I remember the flashing strobe lights coming out of every direction. Silhouettes of equally enthusiastic human beings jumping around. Us hanging around our favourite club Molotow that is going through some hardship right now. This is their anthem.

Those Dancing Days – Run Run

The Swedish all girl band Those Dancing Days have become one of our inspirations to create a song. We have a song called after them on our debut album ‘Atlas’. We never had the chance to tell them in person, even though we were so close, playing
on the same festival together.

Lapalux – Without You

A nostalgic masterpiece for love and despair. I met a very nice young lady once, which I knew would be the most suitable partner for me. I worked hard to get to know her, we shared our time together with this song playing all day. In the end it didn’t work out as planned. This song has a strong atmosphere but nowadays, I have mixed feelings when I listen to it.

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