Life Is Like A Box Of Records: Nick Anderson

Nick Anderson is one of Glasgow’s brightest characters. A real gent with a beautiful outlook on life and the epitamy of excellent human being. He is one of Stereo’s gig bookers, he is also a talented creative individual and is part of the wonder movement Buzzcut.


Aereogramme – ‘The Question Is Complete’

I saw Aereogramme supporting Biffy in Edinburgh after school on a Tuesday or something. It was 2001. That night someone threw a pint at Campbell (the bassist) and he did this incredible thing where he stood, stock-still, at the front of the stage and stared at the culprit. Totally wild. So… that gesture and the brutal sincerity of Aereogramme’s music was the chief instigator for me to move west after school. I suppose it was around this time I understood that Biffy used to support Aereogramme, and now the billing had reversed. ‘How exciting’ that everyone seemed to support each other in Glasgow (as my 13 year-old self said to himself)


I was about to link a mix from Twitch (Optimo) but I had this track on the subs bench… and then I realised that this tune is EXCELLENT and actually Twitch would be more pleased with me naming this song instead of his own. This is Beta (of Beta & Kappa/iAm/Sub Club/Ross Anderson). Since I started my job as club-dude at Stereo 18 months ago, I’ve been re-engaging with techno and electro. It’s a fucking thrill! Ross sent me this ages ago and now I send it to everyone… when I’m not listening to it myself and closing my eyes obvs. I’d love this to be the beginning of the future for Scottish electronic music. Tres current indeed!

Joanna Newsom – ‘Does Not Suffice’

Jesus-fucking-christ. Listening to Bill Callahan get de-bloody-molished in this song is almost tough enough as a fan of Smog. However… receiving these lyrics is among the toughest moments in my listening life. I’m pretty nuts about how she flips the power at the end of the song. After she delivers the most DEVA-fucking-STATING line: ‘and everywhere I’ve tried to love you… is yours again, and only yours’ – she does this ‘la la la’ thing as if to consciously play up to Bill’s idea of her being a silly airhead. But she’s smarter than you Bill… and she’s written a song more incisive that you ever have.

The Magnetic Fields – ‘I Don’t Want To Get Over You’

Shit the bed. Our pal Stephin Merritt… I’d like to say he’s my pal, but he’s like that fucking terrifying/ultimately essential kind of pal who sees directly through you and names all the things you’re secretly trying to hide. 69 Love Songs is the best album ever written. I’ll hold to that. This song was the way I found my way in but this choice could have been ANY SONG BY THEM.

Life Without Buildings – ‘Philip’

These champs are who I just missed out on seeing live. (slightly) Older pals saw them in the 13th Note and said ‘it was awright’, etc. Honestly man, i would have gone nuts to see them live and if one day it possibly happens then i’m front and centre. Even typing these words I’m air-guitaring those riffs and doing my best Tompkins impression. I think they gave birth to bands that I love, like Million Dead maybe, and Sue T’s mega words and emphasis just tears me down man. Who needs to sing and speak in the way we’ve always known? Not Sue… and as a result, hopefully nobody.

Headphones – ‘I Never Wanted You’

Also, amazing solo piano version well worth a watch/listen – I’m very pleased to be operating as a truthful human these days but this song typified a history of not being able to admit the truth behind many of my previous relationships. It was remarkable to hear such honesty from someone else, but deeply troubling and it made me worry about normative male psyche… whilst worrying about my own. This dude is a real crafter of music. I saw him in Broadcast (Glasgow) and he played solo… but you could FEEL all of the other (non-present) parts of the music through his strength and magnetism. His voice is incredible… Mikee (see below) once described him as sounding like he’s made of wood.

Christeene – ‘Fix My Dick’

This live show was THE fucking live show of 2014 for me. Christeene has made these great, dirty, trans, accessible (whilst throwing butt-plugs out her ass, into the audience… yas!) experiences! Grimy hip-hop, genuinely great tunes alongside beautiful rhetoric about how we’re all weirdos essentially… and how that’s a good thing! This was the most inspiring thing i saw/heard/lived in 2014… and that’s why it’s here. They’re coming to Glasgow in May 2015 and I think they’re crashing at mine… party yeah? You’ll love it… I promzzz babezzzz, ah pure promzzzz.

Paws – ‘Catherine 1956’

Big Phil T and i go way back. When I stopped playing music with him it was SUPER clear he was on a good path. A son to his mum/fave person, he devotes the album to her in this opening track. I met his maw, she was dynamite. When I hear this song I picture the room he sat in speaking to his mum, making the promises he’d make good on, and I weep. True story, ask anyone 🙂

Barr – ‘The Complete Consumption Of Us Both’

I heard this song around the same time as I heard ‘Blurred Lines’ by R. Thicko. For a wee bit of arty interest, I layered its music video with this song and it’s a terrifying 3mins (you can message me if you’d like to see that). This guy is my ultimate type of brilliant visionary. Sorta came out of nowhere on the underground scene, wrote really, REALLY, clever, stripped down, thin, emotionally connected music and lyrics… and then papped off to do other things. Naebdy’s heard nuthing since. I bloody love people like this! These words man… they could conker da toughest conker. The whole album is wild.

(my pal) Mikee – ‘Thoughts Running Through Your Head’

This is complex in the best way. Mikee is my oldest pal as I’ve known him since I was 5, which makes it an (almost) 22 year friendship. Mikee doesn’t feel comfortable sharing his music anywhere… hardly even outwith his flat. I’m the most privileged person IN THE WORLD to have his music. Yes, again, it makes me cry… every time. We sat in his council bedsit aged 16 and wrote songs, most of which still exist on file. And then we watched Nip/Tuck and cried because we were looking for outlets. I’d attach his music but it’d be waaaaay unethical. Some things can still remain slightly private in 2015. Phew!

Arthur Russell – ‘Being It’

I could mention his versatility from making loads of different genres of exceptional albums, I could mention his untimely death or his multi-instrumental skills. Truthfully man, his voice and his vibe make me weak at the knees and Platform On The Ocean paved the way for the excellent Radiohead x a million more.
P.S. I’m sick to the back teeth of much celebrated retrospectives on normative, white, straight men… so when someone does a gid yin on AR i’ll be Senor Mucho Happy 😉

P.P.S. Seeing a Mikee’s inclusion doesn’t actually have a song to listen to, here’s Nick turning it up to 11!

11) Urvasi – How I might like to imagine a post-Yes referendum in Scotland

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