Life Is Like A Box Of Records: Myles Bonnar

Life Is Like A Box Of Records: Myles Bonnar

Welcome to Podcart’s life is like a box of records podcast.

Occasionally we bring in special guests to talk about the songs that have soundtracked their lives so far. For rights reasons, music might be shorted than the original song.

This week’s guest is Myles Bonnar. Myles is an award-winning journalist. He’s recognised for his work with BBC Scotland, Panorama and BBC Disclosure. His investigative work and broadcasting has led to widespread coverage and more notably the criminal conviction of Adnan Ahmed who was the subject of ’Seduction Bootcamp’ where Myles spent time undercover with so-called pick-up coaches. He has most recently presented and produced the Unlocked podcast which unearths stories from locked-down life.

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Myles also selects music. His tracklisting is: 

ABBA: Knowing Me Knowing You

Pixies: Where Is My Mind?

Naked and Famous: Young Blood

Jon Hopkins: Open Eye Signal 

Grimes: Genesis 

Mogwai: Tracy 

The Twilight Sad: Nobody Wants To Be Here & Nobody Wants To Stay

You can find a Spotify playlist of Myles’s picks below: 

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