Life Is Like A Box Of Records: Lauren Mayberry (Chvrches)

Some time ago I was sitting on a bus with a token playlist of songs that had influenced my life in some way or another. Being somewhat refreshed, I started thinking of all the times that these songs had become significant and thought, wouldn’t it be an excellent idea to delve into other people’s ‘Life Record Boxes’. Luckily people have been wonderful and we have an incredible series continuing.

Today is the turn of Lauren Mayberry of Chvrches. You can find out more about their music here:

Earliest musical memory: ‘Bunny Foo Foo’The Singing Kettle

I had this on cassette and used to play it all the time on my little red Early Learning Centre tape player

Childhood idol: ‘I’m Your Baby Tonight’Whitney Houston

After an early exposure to The Bodyguard, minor obsession with Whitney ensued and I am probably the only person I know who has seen all films she has ever been in – even Sparkle which, by the way, isn’t great.

First lyrics that stuck a chord: ‘All I Really Want’ Alanis Morissette

I listened to Jagged Little Pill excessively for a long time. Although I was probably too young to fully appreciate the bite of a lot of the lyrics, it felt like a total game changer in terms of honesty and raw emotion

High school favourite: ‘The First Big Weekend’Arab Strap

Falkirk was, after Stirling, the next closest city to where I grew up and Arab Strap were always local legends to us, and I listed to The Week Never Starts Round Here a lot in my early teens.

Moving out for the first time: ‘Forever Longing The Golden Sunsets’ Appleseed Cast

The soundtrack to the summer I moved out and went to university in Glasgow.

‘Ladies in rock bands are awesome’ awakening: ‘New Radio’ Bikini Kill

After finding a copy of The Singles in Second Sound in Stirling as a teenager, I got hold of everything Bikini Kill ever released and still love all things Kathleen Hanna. Revolution, girl style, now.

Drum inspiration: ‘Liberation Frequency’ Refused

I started playing drums when I was 15 and The Shape Of Punk To Come, along with any Queens of the Stone Age, Smashing Pumpkins and Nirvana records, were the soundtrack to much religious practice.

First time I realised piano could be bad ass: ‘Precious Things’Tori Amos

I have played piano since I was a child but always played things forced on you by music teachers. Little Earthquakes is still probably my favourite Amos album but this track in particular has such sinister undercurrents. Piano-led music with balls and bite.

First proper heartbreak song: ‘Good Arms VS Bad’Frightened Rabbit

The soundtrack to my first properly horrible breakup.

Song always guaranteed to make me cry: ‘Maps’Yeah Yeah Yeahs

I was obsessed with Fever To Tell when it came out and think Karen O is amazing, but there is a centre strength yet vulnerability in her vocal on this track which, when combined with the lyrics, gets me every time.

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