Life Is Like A Box Of Records: K V A S I R

Life Is Like A Box Of Records: K V A S I R

Electronic Producer  K V A S I R  has just released his debut self-titled EP and now he’s here to let us know where the creative flow comes from by divulging his favourite and most inspirational records to date.

Here are  K V A S I R’s  record choices:

Daft Punk – Superheroes

I remember seeing Daft Punk during their 2007 Alive tour; it was the most exciting concert I’ve ever seen and I reckon that won’t change – I just can’t see how anything could inspire me as much.  When Daft Punk sampled that single bar of Barry Manilow’s ‘Who’s Been Sleeping In My Bed?’ it let me know that it was ok to draw sounds and influence from anything; and that there was no shame in admitting what music inspires you.  Reeling off the current viral charts is just boring.

Chromeo – Fancy Footwork

This was the first time I realised synths could be anything you want them to be; the sounds and playing in this song are incredible, and David Macklovitch has one of those voices – he could sing the phonebook and I’d buy it. 

College – Energy Story

If I have to drive anywhere this is the song at the top of my playlist. The arpeggiated synths and dreamy vocal sounds heavily influenced my music.  I hate when music like this gets smothered in that coverall of 80s influenced music; it’s so much more than that.

Fatima Yamaha – What’s a Girl to do?

I heard this song on an outdoor PA 7000ft up a mountain.  It was insane.  No phone signal, no shazam – I had to go up to the guy at the desk and ask what it was; and when that vocal sample dropped ……..yeh that was a moment.

Har Mar Superstar – Elephant Walk

I never went abroad until I was in my 20s.  My first flight was to Miami with some of my closest friends for a gig.  This song was on when we arrived at the venue and it still gives me that buzz of total fresh excitement for the unknown and foreign. Unfortunately the video isn’t available for ‘Elephant Walk’, so here is ‘Power Lunch’.

I Break Horses – Winter Beats

This is by far one of my most played tracks.  I love how ambient and wide the synths are at the top only to end up in the most amazing crunched up and massive sounding end.  I have no idea how they mastered this track but I love how no holds were barred; nobody ever questioned that distortion and volume set amongst this sweet tracked up vocal.

Keith Jarrett – Koln Concert Pt I

My music teacher at school gave me this album on cassette – I think he wanted me to move in this direction with the piano, it didn’t happen.  I still love this album; when the mood strikes this never fails.

Le Youth – Dance With Me

I know when I love something – I get that insane jealous rush that I had nothing to do with it.  That’s what hit me when I heard this track by Le Youth.  He really is a cool fucker.

Tiga – You Gonna Want Me

When I started getting into programming properly I learned so much from listening to Tiga.  I haven’t missed a single release since I got this in 2006.  I’ve still got the ‘Pleasure from the Bass’ 12” where he’s wearing a tweed suit on the cover.

Washed Out – New Theory

I was watching ‘How to Make it in America’ which had this incredible soundtrack.  This song came on at a crux point in the series over this huge swooping long shot of Manhattan.  I still see that shot when I listen to this tune.

You can now purchase  K V A S I R‘s  self titled EP via iTunes now.

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