Life Is Like A Box Of Records: AR Ferdinand

AR Ferdinand‘s forthcoming album Wild Fiction is due out 31 March.

His new single Sexy’  featuring Justo Ontario is out now!

We caught up with the Soul and R&B artist to find out some of the songs that have soundtracked his life so far… 

Outkast – Hey Ya 

This is the first song I have any memory of listening, I was in the front seat of our car and I remember the street, the time of day and the melody. I was trying to make sense of it imagining the notes playing in my teeth like a glowing marimba, I guess I’d just came from the doctor.

MGMT – Time to Pretend 

I was about 12-13 years old and my cousin showed me MGMT in the lake. It was a long vacation, there was like this deck where we spent all day. Future production collaborator Roberto and my cousin would give us private concerts as they were in a band at the time. They also taught me how to smoke properly.

Chemical Brothers – Swoon

The first festival and concert I went to outside El Salvador was Ultra 2011, I went with one of my best friends and my cousin, It was such a dope and exhausting experience. The Chemical Brothers closed the festival on Sunday night, I was so beat up. When they started playing this song my body kicked into 5th gear, it was such a surreal moment.

Gorillaz – Tomorrow Comes Today 

As many of the songs from this list, this song reminds me of a lake, Lake Coatepeque. I was neighbors with 4 of my friends, and we would listen to music, house hopping weekends and vacations. This song made me see how music doesn’t have to be a specific genre, you can just mix anything you want into whatever you do. The first ever mix I did was with Gorillaz.

Donde Vamos -Mancha de Rolando 

I have so much songs in my native Spanish that have influenced me since I was still in the womb, so it’s hard to choose only one for this list to represent all of them. There’s so much in this language and a big part of my cultures so I choose this. This song makes me feel like I’m in the Finca enjoying the night with a few beers and it gives me hope for a better future.

Justice – Genesis

Manuel who is one one my best friends, he got me into DJing. We started out like in 2008-09, In 7th or 8th grade we started doing parties. We were infatuated with this super intense distorted electronic music. Our parties would go crazy, mainly just ourselves and a couple of people since everybody wanted to dance to Don Omar, but we loved it nevertheless.

Rumspringa – Shake Em Loose Tonight 

This song got me through a very rough time, and every time I listen to it I think about that time and realise it wasn’t that bad. I was in 10th grade, I lost something so good but I didn’t understand why, I was so angry with my depression because I never did something about it. It’s a mixture of happiness and sorrow when I listen to his song.

Daft Punk – Something About Us

This two dudes made me want to start producing, so a lonely night about 9 years ago while I listened to this track I decided to start producing and write original stuff. The essence of the song is so beautiful, it evokes so much with so little. So many people credit Daft Punk as an influence and it’s for a very good reason, they’re that fucking good. Not only in their music but artwork, design, costumes, music videos, movies! and even action figures. They are a true inspiration to the type of music I want to do which is timeless. Making records with real substance to them, not making them for money or just going through the motions. Artists should strive for quality and audiences too.

Sublime – What I Got 

Reggae is a very influential genre for me because it’s like my personality, chill out, relax and more chill. The Hip-hop beats had a great impact as well.I know this song from start to finish even the guitar solos. It just puts me in the mood to have a great time and enjoy. Going to the beach, kick back with some friends and a pack of beers. Going to el Tunco and listening to this, it’s just plain awesome.

Kings Of Leon – Fans

This song reminds me of my friends when the weekend ended or we were going back home. Reminiscence of the time we had and all the stuff that happened. It makes me feel good and nostalgic but grateful for all those happy days.

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