Kwolek: ‘Cemetery Days’

Kwolek: ‘Cemetery Days’

Kwolek’s latest offering ‘Cemetery Days’ is an eclectic yet gripping indie rock track.

His nostalgic lyrics and lo-fi production transport us to carefree adolescent days of wandering weathered gravestones and forgotten industrial parks.

While introspective songs of youth and fading small towns are commonplace, Kwolek dodges clichés. Through candid storytelling and imaginative soundscapes he shares a credible world. Twisting guitar textures reminiscent of alternative 90’s greats swirl around poetic spoken word vocals. However this Colorado native’s output feels entirely fresh rather than derivative.

Moments of quiet melancholy give way to euphoric crescendos. As the song crawls to an epic conclusion, Kwolek’s retro nostalgia is replaced by hopeful futurism.

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