Kohla: ‘Heavenly’

Kohla: ‘Heavenly’

With latest releast ‘Heavenly‘, Scottish musician and producer Kohla transports us to orchestral paradise.

Her latest offering weaves together her classical roots and electronic ingenuity for an enrapturing experience. Kohla’s clarinet past is evoked through soaring strings straight from a cinematic epic. They cascade around her haunting vocals like Vivaldi reincarnated.

Heavenly‘ is an intimate paean to lost love and Kohla’s impassioned lyrics read like poetry as she unravels raw emotion. But the production elevates it to celestial heights. Each element intertwines in blissful harmony. She conducts this soundscape with skill and vulnerability. The result is something timelessly beautiful unveiling Kohla as a visionary talent – fusing musical worlds with finesse.

Sweeping you away on gossamer wings, Kohla has gifted us a contemporary classical marvel.

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